General Club Noticeboard : BELFAIRS VETERANS v MARDYKE VETERANS 11th April

Belfairs golf club welcomed Mardyke veterans on Monday for the latest in a series of friendly marches. 

Played in fine weather, John Brennan and Dave Buddle led the way for Belfairs to establish an unassailaable lead with the home side finally winnning 7-1.

Full result:

1 John Brennan        4/3           Glenn Crouch 0
Dave Buddle                 Cliff Edwards
1 Alan Berry       1 up           Denis Thompson 0
Nigel Warder                 Les Eaton
1 Frank Howroyd       1 up           Albert Norrington 0
Derek Tothill                 Dave Grant
1 Dave Watson       1 up           Mick Melay 0
Chris Shawyer                 Albert Vandersteen
1 Hugh Brown       2 up           Rod Hall 0
John Gregory                 John Turp
1 Ron Murray       4/3           Steve Ayriss 0
Mike Wellham                   Geoff Roots
0 Harry Smith       3/1           Ray Ginsburgh 1
John Trendell                   Peter England
1 John Falkingham       5/4           Eric Hales 0
Peter Jackson                   Michael Lloyd








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